Monthly Archives: February 2010

In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics, summer in Vancouver

As I’m sitting here, watching the drama of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vacouver, British Columbia, Canada unfold on television and on the internet, I’m reminded of what an amazing city Vancouver is.  My first trip there was during a summer in the late 90s.  My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I […]

Sights from the 1st Annual L.A. Street Food Festival

Food trucks, mobile kitchens or roach coaches, whatever you call them, they have become quite a phenomenon.  Long lines often form at the most popular trucks late into the night outside of bars and clubs. One day some enterprising folks must have wondered,  “what if we brought all these food vendors together in one place at […]

DIY Orbis™ bracket project

If you’re not familiar with the orbis ringflash adapter, take a look at this video. Basically the orbis slips over the head of your flash. It takes the light coming up and into the ringflash redirects it around the ring and shoots it out the front toward your subject. The most common way to use […]

How-to set up Facebook chat with any instant messenger

Ok, so this post isn’t photo related, but if you use Facebook for your photo business, this may be of interest to you. You can now chat with any of your Facebook friends using any instant messenger that supports the Jabber/XMPP protocol such as AOL-AIM, iChat and my personal choice Pidgin. Getting started is easy. […]

Take a Photo Everyday

I got an iPhone this Christmas so I figured I would try a photo-a-day project for this year.   You can view it on my facebook page.  Most of the photos are taken with my phone. Some of the photo apps that I use are Best Camera, TiltShiftGen, CameraBag, and PS Mobile. The main purpose […]