The Real Untitled (Gallery) at the Untitled (Gallery) Opens to the Public

We had a great turnout last night at opening of the Real Untitled (Gallery) group show hosted by Matt Chait, the owner or the Untitled Gallery at 1855 Industrial Ave in downtown Los Angeles.

Untitled Gallery (by bryanvillarin)

Photo © Bryan Villarin 2008 (

This show is a culmination of a lot of mystery, foul play, frustration, hard work and generosity.

18 photographers and one gallery owner were unknowingly thrust upon each other when a to-be unnamed con-artist brought all these people together under the guise of a community-driven, collective art gallery.  This con-man, using the power of community at flickr, infiltrated the Los Angeles flickr group with ideas about opening a gallery that would be run by the artists.  It would be a way for amateurs and pros alike to have a venue to display their work, on a wall, to their family, friends and the general public.  Assuming the name “Untitled Gallery” he convinced everyone that he had secured a space, sponsors and marketing for the grand opening.  He then conned unsuspecting artists into giving framed artwork and money to him to participate in the “show.”  Of course, in the weeks and days before the “opening” was supposed to happen, the charade unravelled and participants were left to wonder what happened (and in many cases out money and artwork).

In the aftermath of these events coming to light, the owner of the “real” Untitled (Gallery), Matt Chait, rather than stand idly by, decided to open up his gallery and invite the people who had been done in by the ruse.  Matt was kind enough to supply everything from the space, the know-how, to the drinks.

Here’s a list of the artists (flickr names in parenthesis):

Kim (Orbitgal)
Nancy (Introducing Nancy)
Melissa (mSWEETtooth)
Jason N (JNdesign)
Kevin (hotoffthebloc)
Marvin (marvinyan)
Dillon (champloo)
Michael (kangster)
Marcus (airencracken)
Lydia (fotonomous)
Jeff (blackstock)

Bryan (brysocal) – Honorable mention.  Bryan was supposed to show but didn’t get his pieces back in time.