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Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest Submissions (and how I got that shot from the dash)

A few months ago I was able to help out some friends who were making their finalist video for a contest sponsored by the Reelz Channel and Porsche. I figured spending the day with a 911 Turbo S was not a bad way to spend the day. Here’s a link to the final video. While […]

It’s That Time of Year Again. PLEASE VOTE!

PDN is hosting their annual Ultimate Music Moment contest and I’ve submitted two photos this year. You can vote for either: This one in the “Crowd” category or this one in the “Performance” category. You can vote for your favorite but my preference would be to vote for the local unsigned guys, the Shrine. Thanks […]

Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots with Miila and the Geeks at the Li Po Lounge in San Francisco

Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots playing at the Li Po Lounge in San Francisco with Miila and the Geeks all the way in from Japan. Happening only a day or two after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the money from the show went to a Japan relief fund.

In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics, summer in Vancouver

As I’m sitting here, watching the drama of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vacouver, British Columbia, Canada unfold on television and on the internet, I’m reminded of what an amazing city Vancouver is.  My first trip there was during a summer in the late 90s.  My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I […]

Sights from the 1st Annual L.A. Street Food Festival

Food trucks, mobile kitchens or roach coaches, whatever you call them, they have become quite a phenomenon.  Long lines often form at the most popular trucks late into the night outside of bars and clubs. One day some enterprising folks must have wondered,  “what if we brought all these food vendors together in one place at […]

What the hell is going on here?

The observant among you may have noticed the 6 month gap between this post and my last one.  What’s going on is I’ve decided to clean up my blog and remove anything that wasn’t related to my photography. I am going back through all the photos I’ve taken this year (2009) and post them here […]